Module 5 Concept Map

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Static technology is almost stagnant. It has not evolved very much in technology. I feel some of these innovations in the area content are library research, text books and podcast. In the area of collaboration, texting, email, and group projects have not evolved unless more technology is added to the mix. Communication has some of the same static tools, such as, email, phone calls, and discussion boards.

Through further development, new technologies were developed and continue to develop. These are called dynamic technologies. In the area of content, we now have web3.0, google doc, and video/audio. In the area of collaboration, social media, blogs, and wikis continue to advance. With Twitter, Faqcebook, and Pinterest collaboration has grown tremendously. In the area of communication, blogs,  and wikis. Skype continues to connect people face to face.

I think it is critical to the field of technology and education that technology continues to develop in a dynamic manner. Although some static technology is still appropriate today, we need to move away from static technology.

Many of the technologies I am addressing are repeated in several areas because they are applicable in more than one area.



2 thoughts on “Module 5 Concept Map

  1. abadoma says:

    Hi Mary,
    You designed a very elaborate concept map. I appreciated the way you laid out all the items necessary to illustrate your concept map. With your explanation I was able to better understand the notions of static and dynamic technologies. Thank you for sharing.

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